'Till Death do us Part
Audition Notice


It's time to audition for this summer's musical extravaganza, brought to you by Aftershock Entertainment, talented co-directors Joshua Kurtz and John Kauffeld, and choreographer Hillary Kurtz! The show itself is written by Joshua Kurtz and Victoria Stanton, with music and lyrics by Joshua Kurtz, and orchestration by Dominic Fera.

'Till Death do us Part is a musically romantic comedy with a twist. The main character, Hank Atkinson, dies at the beginning of the show. The story follows Hanks' adventures as a zombie, trying to win back his lost love, who leaves him when he dies. With colorful characters like a lovable young gamer named Grace, a crazy fast-food chain manager, an eccentric science teacher and his guitar minion, and even a talking worm- 'Till Death is sure to keep you laughing and hanging on to every word from beginning to end.

The age range for the cast is a little grey and talented people are always welcome. That said, we expect the cast to be between 14 & 30 years old.  There is also an edgy quality about the script (some colorful language) that may have some parents want to exclude their younger children.

Want to be involved in the show? Here's what you need to do!

Arrive at the Auditions (located in Turnersville, NJ - contact us to sign up and for directions) at 6:00PM on either Monday May 28th, or Tuesday May 29th. If you're going to be late, that's ok- just let us know (at least a week before) to let the team know. Auditions shouldn't take too long, so once you're done, you are free to go!

If you cannot attend auditions, please send us your audition on a video, any time after May 1st, and before May 21st.

What you need to bring:

- Between 16 and 32 bars of any song from a musical. A track would be preferred (I-pod or CD), but A Capella is fine too. There will not be anyone there to play music, so do NOT bring piano sheet music!

- A monologue, between thirty seconds and two minutes in length. Please have this memorized! If you should choose not to perform a monologue, you are still eligible to be in the show, but likely only the ensemble. We encourage everyone to try!

- If you can play the guitar, please bring anything you will need to show off for a little bit!

- If you can beat box, please be prepared to drop us a fly beat! (this is serious, it's important for us to know)

- Wear clothes/shoes you can move in, because there will be a dance audition.

- If you have any other bizarre or special talents, we may want to see them too - or at least know about them. So keep us in the loop!

If you receive a callback, you will be required to return to the audition space on June 2nd at 11:00AM. Just bring yourself, clothes you can move in, and be ready for anything! All callback material will be provided the day of.

Cast of Characters

Hank - Male lead, Baritone, life-filled corpse. Hank is a Science Teacher with a passion for teaching, and when he gets his head set on something, he never gives up.

Grace - Female lead, Soprano II, huge nerd. A shy young gamer with strong points of view, but rarely the guts to speak them. She judges on what's inside- not out.

Juan - Male Narrator, Tenor, huge ladies worm. There is no lady worm that can resist his masculine charms. He is also horribly offensive and somewhat insensitive towards the feelings of others. Breaks the forth wall.

Narrator - Female Narrator, acting part, despises Juan. She is his opposite, and will probably always hate him forever. Also breaks the forth wall.

Susan - Hank's Ex-wife, alto, hard-hearted and stubborn. Intelligent and beautiful, she's one heck of a woman, who wants nothing to do with one heck of a zombie.

Barnaby - Hank's Ex-rival, tenor II, way too passionate about science. Nobody recognizes his genius, except for his one loyal student, Guitar Minion.

Guitar Minion - Barnaby's sole student, minor vocals, shreds a mean guitar. He thinks Barnaby is the coolest thing since sliced bread, and will follow him almost to the grave.

Mr. Manager - Manager of Buddy Burger, Baritone, totally off the rocker. Thinks he's the best, probably is, doesn't care about others.

Cassandra - Worker at Buddy Burger, ANY voice part (backtracks not yet written, key subject to change, so any will do), full of spite, vengence, and a punky, gothic look. Wishes to usurp Mr. Manager and take over the Buddy Burger throne.

Librarian - Owner of the public library, Alto, sweet and helpful, yet strict. She allows nothing rowdy to happen in her library.

Tad - Susan's new husband, small acting role, actually a pretty nice guy. He really is actually pretty nice, but there's something strange about him.

Other minor roles and an ensemble appear throughout the play as well.

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